Friday, 28 March 2014

Defection Watch: Cllr Quits Labour in Cardiff

Cllr Gretta Marshall
Cllr Gretta Marshall (Cardiff, Splott division) has quit the ruling Labour group on the council, saying that there were too few women included in the newly reshuffled cabinet.  Cardiff Labour recently selected a new leader in Cllr Phil Bale who then formed a new cabinet to run the city council, which has already been criticised for including a large number of relatively new and inexperienced councillors.

There have been three by-elections in Cardiff within the last six months.  All were held by Labour, although one in Splott ward itself was fairly narrowly held against a 6.1% swing to the Liberal Democrats.

New council composition -
Labour - 44 (-1)
Lib Dems - 15
Conservative - 7
Independents - 7 (+1)
Plaid Cymru - 2

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